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I'm thinking about getting Bariatric surgery because of my weight - my doctor is really pushing for because I've gained close to 90 pounds in the past two years. I've got type 2 diabetes and was just wondering what others opinions were.

2 Answers
Living with type 2 diabetes since 2001.
Tel Aviv, ISR
I have lost a lot of weight by adding weight lifting to my exercise and by eliminating totally milk and milk products...lost 40 pounds ... Interesting to try

Gulf Breeze, FL
Weigh the options between that and the lap band. They both carry risks. You can regulate your weight by cutting your carbs down low, not delete them but, less intake. Stay away from breads, potatoes, eat more chicken, fish and pork. Add a little more time for exercise. I lost 70 pounds in six months and I was regulated by my doctor to ensure everything was fine.