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Anyone have suggestions for where to place a Dexcom cgm sensor? I would normally use my abdomen, but because of pump sites, it's pretty beat up there. Has anyone tried the back of the arm? The idea freaks me out but I may try it.

7 Answers
Cypress, TX
My son uses the back of his arm. Works really well.

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2004.
Los Angeles, CA
We have used the hip area when we need to give the tummy a break. It works well enough.

Orem, UT
I used my hip and it really works good

Hollister, CA
my son uses the back of the arm. he used the same sensor for two weeks and it works really good. he is a very active 6 year old

Thanks for the help everyone! I'm not sure I understand how the hip works...doesn't it get bumped by the waistline of your pants? I ended up trying the arm and actually really liked it. I had to get help putting it in though. I get too much anxiety and my hands shake too much to insert if myself. Anyone else experienced this?

Frisco, TX
****dont worry you will get used to it. When this happens you will no longer shake. Ive had T1D for 30 years and I remember it being difficult.

**** thank you for the encouragement, but I have had diabetes for 14 years! You'd think I would be used to it by now. I am fine with infusion sites for the pump, somehow the manual action of plunging the Dexcom is too much for me. I prefer the spring loaded approach. :)