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I need some suggestion on how I can break the 5 point barrier in my a1c level it's been stuck at 6.1 for a yr now???

5 Answers
Living with LADA since 2012.
Israel, ISR
tried very low carb high fat diet?

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2011.
Russellville, AR
Doesn't high fat put on weight

Great work on your A1c #. I would try to focus on one day part where you maybe have BG spikes. Such as after breakfast and try to make small changes breakfast routine to level out the post bfast

Spike. Perhaps by adding some more protein to that meal. But watch out for those lows. Good luck.

Naimi- how does that type of diet impact someone's cholesterol numbers? I'm just curious, I've never looked into low carb & high fat / protein.