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Does anyone suffer from Neuropathy in there hands and feet and what kind of meds are you on.

Town of Pines, IN
38 Answers
Lino Lakes, MN
Gabapentin. type 1 diabetic for 43 years. older drug but works. newer drugs not so much. Good luck to you!!

Town of Pines, IN
I'm on gabapenttin and Cymbalta and I don't think they work.

Greenwood, IN
Have had foot and toe pain in the past, 3+ years ago. went on neurontin briefly as needed. now in my 30th year of T1D after being dx'd as a little kid.

Apple Valley, CA
Yes I do a lot

Lawton, OK
I do in the hands and feet legs I guess it's in my back also. I quit talking my insulin I just gave up nothing helps always stays high. very depressed was to have surgery on my hand in March

Paengaroa, NZL
Cymbalta but I don't think it helped I suffer neuropathy in my feet I hate it !

Houston, TX
metformin & in my feet most the time. seldom in my hands.

Town of Pines, IN
Hello****you should not ignore it takes time I had done the same for awhile and now regret it I just had 2 toes and half of my foot amputated because of not taking my meds and not taking care of myself, I'm here for you if you need to talk.

Living with type 2 diabetes since 1998.I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 1992.
Memphis, TN
I'm taking #### mg of Gabapentin and 120 mg of Cymbalta. If I miss one dose, I'm incapacitated. It does help reduce the pain 70% though.

Lawton, OK
Thank you I just get in bad moods tired don't feel good pain I went back on my meds I just wish God would heal me