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Starting to think about carrying/wearing medical alert information. Anyone got any recommendations for non-gaudy options for guys? #diabetes

Bristol, UK
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Plainview, NY
I've been considering this for a while myself, still haven't done so.

Staten Island, NY
I know Walgreens pharmacy has a rubber band order form in different colors. Kind of cool. I'll have to get the website and post it shortly

Apple Valley, MN
I went to walmart and just did a dog tag with a long chain. I'm a ladyyy. Or a tattoo.

Welwyn Garden City, GBR
I have an 'Elite' wristband from Road ID. Lots of options and customizable too

Plano, TX
Tatoo or n-id they have things like dog tags and different things. I got a dog tag and put on my key chain

Selkirk, CAN
Problem with rubber bands & other fancy bracelets is that everybody is wearing them to support one cause or another, so they are nothing EMTs are going to look at, you need something that stands out

Welwyn Garden City, GBR
I know a lot of paramedics/EMTs are becoming more and more aware of these ID's

Welwyn Garden City, GBR

Welwyn Garden City, GBR
This is mine

supporting a parent , Hemodialysis @ home since 2008.
Staunton, VA
In addition to grabbing EMT's attention, what makes for a good medical ID?