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I started Juicing in Feb. #### and in Sept. was told I was no longer diabetic. So I asked the Dr. Was he sure and he said Yes. So I was confused and shocked, so I asked him do I need to continue testing and his response was No you don't need to test at all. Months later & I'm confused. Not sure.

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Atlanta, GA
Not sure if that was good advice.

Birkenhead, GBR
Hi****I have just bean told I am a diabetic no it sounds soft but wat is juicing xxxx

Lakeland, FL
What do you use for your juice blends

The Oaks, AUS
How long had you been a diabetic for ? What did you use for your juicing. Sorry but Im not sure if I understand this ?

Lake Villa, IL
Sounds like type 2 diabetes, and goin on a juice diet helped lower your weight and helped regulate your blood glucose.

Boca Del Mar, FL
How many times a day do u juice??? I'm interested because I juice in the morning only

Atlanta, GA
Hi all. Yes Type 2 diabetes and I would walk every morning and Juice once a day. I used greens (kale or spinach), banana, mixed berries, flax seed, ginger root, garlic clove, sometimes I even added a substitute sugar pack and water. I got the recipe when I purchased The Magic Bullet and just added my own things and played around with it enough until I perfected it to my taste. I found out in #### I was diabetic cause my sight was blurred and my feet were bothering me badly. I had to find a way to beat it so I'm just going to keep it up cause the blurred vision scared me badly.

Atlanta, GA
You are right****for sure.

Boca Del Mar, FL
Thank you!!! This is very helpful..... I use my bullet too lol

Columbia, SC
What is juicing? I have never heard of it.