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Start the DAFNE course next week has anybody else done it, and has it helped you would like your opinions pls

6 Answers
Milford, CT
What is DAFNE?

Saltcoats, GBR
I have done it and think it is so much better. I feel more in control. I can now eat when and what I want. Within reason of course. And adjust my insulin accordingly.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
I wanted to but I'm going in a pump soon so it was suggested it's not suitable

Basildon, GBR
DAFNE means Dose Adjustment For Normal Food whatever carbs you eat you adjust the amount of insulin you have at the moment it's confusing hopefully after the course it will became clearer

United Kingdom, GBR
It was ok. Knew most of it anyway, but it might help xx

Ireland, IRL
Yes I did it in #### I'm a nurse too, it helps u calculate your carbs and insulin dosage ratio I found it great and my hba1c remained perfect even while eating a normal diet .. Best of luck x