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Anyone in St. Joseph, Missouri in the morning/early afternoon ***or we will be in Salina tomorrow evening*** and happen to have an extra Animas inset and cartridge? Or know where we could buy some? We are here for a wrestling tournament and I somehow left the house without the bag of extra supplies I had packed for my daughter. 😫 We have extra insulin, but she's due for a site change tomorrow and we're a bit panicked. She doesn't have enough insulin left in her cartridge to make it through Sunday night when we get home. She's pretty new to pumping. I'm so angry at myself for forgetting the bag! **I have an extra Dexcom sensor with me that I can trade for an inset and cartridge, or I will mail double replacements back when we get home! 😩😩😩

1 Answer
Independence, MO
I have some in Kansas city don't know if you could make it down here but if no one else can help I can get you some if you get close to me