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That T Slim insulin pump looks awesome! Does anyone have one? How is the customer service? What do you dislike about the T Slim? Would love to hear HelpAround's view on the first touch screen pump :).

12 Answers
Customer service has been great. The alarms are a bit quiet for my liking at night. If you use Apidra they don't play well together and you can plan to have to possibly make some adjustments to basal rates when switching since the way it delivers is so different from other pumps. It's very intuitive and no scrolling. Of all the pumps I've had its my favorite.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2007.
Salem, OR
I love it. I have always had good run ins with customer service. I got a replacement pump in a day when I went swimming with the first one, just to let you know it is NOT water proof. The case has broke twice on me but they send a free new one when you call. I can't ask for anything better.

I have modified the clips myself to make it slimmer and more balanced as I'm not much of a fan of the ones they have available. I would caution you on not keeping it in a case though as it is easy to cause a button alarm which suspends delivery when it's not in one. I go swimming with mine all the time both in pools and the ocean. Although I'm very careful to make sure it can't get lose/pulled out and float away when in the ocean,lakes,etc.

Madawaska, ME
Check out my YouTube reviews I love my t:slim YouTube name stephanietype1

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Lafayette, IN
If you have an iPhone or android you can try out the interface if you download the t:slim app. But I love mine

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2007.
Atlanta, GA
I have the tslim. But if you ask me, I would rather my old Medtronic revel 723. After you get past the touch screen and interface, it's okay. Medtronic is far better as far as management. I find that I use my insulin to fill on the tslim. The tslim doesn't show daily averages or how many days/hrs you have until your next fill. Those are things that I overlooked by actually realize that I value a lot. Tslim is okay. But after we take out the "coolness" factor, it's not the best in my opinion. Medtronic is still a contender n

There is a private t:Slim group on FaceBook, you might join that and ask there as well. Most people in the group seem pro and yet they do post when things go wrong. There is the public t:Slim group (page) where you can't post anything, this is a private support group. You don't have to already be on the pump to join.

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Elkton, MD
Heyy I love the TSlim, I got it as a first time pumper and it's great

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La Crosse, WI
I've had several Medtronic pumps since #### including the 530g with enlites (which were pretty useless btw), an omnipod system, and now the Tslim. Tslim is 100x better, in my opinion! I can actually see the screen (I have retinopathy), there is no scrolling, no batteries (it recharges), touch screen, and very user friendly! I use it with the Dexcom system which is very accurate. Overall, I have no complaints at all! I LOVE IT!

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Hattiesburg, MS
I love mine. Customer service is awesome. Best of any pharm company I've worked with.