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My sister is a T1D and is 8 ,she has had it since she was 4, any advice on how to help out?

6 Answers
Chicago, IL
you are a good brother! Always keep an eye to make sure she is ok, but treat her like every other kid!

Goddard, KS
Thanks for the advice

Kutztown, PA
Diabetes camps! They're amazing. :3 Let her know she's not different or weird and make sure she's comfortable with her identity as a diabetic!

Itasca, IL
Visit there are camps she can go to as well as kids hew age that are safe to be pen pals with. And they do offer a kit with some good books to help explain things to her.

Crestview, FL
The smallest things can help! For example: if you're in public w her and she has to stop and check her BS, be patient/complain and tell her to hurry up. The smallest things are so encouraging!

Crestview, FL
Don't complain**