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Seriously high after #bikramyoga earlier. I don't know what to do as keeps happening. Can anyone shed some light? Help #gbdoc

4 Answers
Cicero, IL
This happened to me too! I ended up setting a fairly high temporary basal on my pump for two hours...basically gave myself an extra 6units over the course of two hours. The dr said the heat stressed my body out and caused bs to raise...which is just funny considering yoga is supposed to be relaxing ; ). Sucks. Hope you figure dosage out to feel somewhat normal while bikram'ing ; )

Yuba City, CA
Try bolusing before to cover your high and taking Gatorade with you just in case you go low. My son goes high with any physical activity. We finally learned to just bolus before and then catch the tail end of the high after if there was any.

Melton Mowbray, GBR
I have novo rapid maybe ask your doctor/diabetic nurse if you could try it if you want to keep active with out a high

Saint Clair Shores, MI
It will depend on your body. General rule - yoga, weights etc your sugar will rise during the session and then fall 2to 24 hrs later as muscles recover / grow and refuel. Cardio ie: cycling, rowing, running sugars will fall during exercise depending on intensity. You will have to monitor and work out how you deal with it via basal / blouse mgt. hope this helps