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What has been your most scariest time as a diabetic?? Also is it normal to be grumpy, sad, snappy, bitchy, angry Ect at the littlest things?? Thank you :)

Melton Mowbray
27 Answers
Charlotte, NC
My girlfriend is a type one diabetic and I'd have to say that for the 16 months we've been together, the most scariest thing was on her birthday her sugar was soo low that her meter didn't read it. It just said low, treat now. We were at outback and had an hour and a half wait. Thank god the couple at the bar let us sit at the booth they were about to sit in. And yes it's normal to have mood swings over anything.

Providence, RI
My little girl was very cranky. It was her first day back to school after vacation, so I chalked it up to being tired. I checked her sugar and she was in the 200s, as she had just had lunch. After that she became combative with me. Having a massive meltdown. It was only 45 minutes after I checked, but I ran for her meter. When I came back into the room she was almost unconscious. Her # was 27. I was able to have her safely drink something and then I just held her. I'm a nurse and I've dealt with some scary things. That was by far the worst. Holding it together to care for her was horrible. I'm not a T1D, but I know my daughter gets mood swings with the numbers too high/low.

Bakersfield, CA
When I took my nph insulin (not a lot of people take it anymore, but it was what a lot of people used for long acting before lantus) twice within a few hours by accident. I was ok due to eating a lot of sugar but because I did that I still get a little tinge of paranoia every time I take my lantus. I keep my lantus in a special place and I do things to make sure I haven't taken it twice such as not take my belt off for the night until I take it. as far as the moodiness, that is absolutely common. it happens when your sugar levels are a little off.

Cicero, IL
I was on the NYC subway on my way to an interview. I was late, didnt check my sugars and didnt eat breakfast as i ran out the door and grossly underestimated the 'length' of city blocks. Got down to a packed subway car and two stops in I knew I was going down. Tapped the Wall Street guy ahead of me on the shoulder and said 'diabetic. Sugar. Help.' Then the man behind me caught me and I when I came to, the League of Nations was saving me. The bum had my phone, the Asian lady had my purse, the Wall Street guy was asking everyone else on the train if they has sugar, the African American woman had my head on her lap and was pouring oj down my throat. They all missed their stops and stayed w me for 20 minutes...which, seemed like an eternity. I came to, was shaken up but back to normal. I said thank you, everyone departed and I rode on for a few more stops thankful that in times of need, strangers will help. Lesson learned...don't ever do that again!

Epsom, GBR
I'm a type 1 diabetic and have been for 3 years and last year I nearly lost my right foot :(

Cicero, IL
How did you almost lose your foot? Scary!

Dundee, GBR
The past couple of years I have got neuropathy, retinopathy, gastroperesis, lost a kidney and a host of other complications... I should've listened when I was younger!

Camber, GBR
It wasn't myself although I do have type 1 but my brother also does too and he was in a coma in #### for a week and he almost died.. That's the scariest! And yes!! My moods are like that too if my bloods are scattered x

Melton Mowbray, GBR
Wow how****? Awww I've Hurd****that when your in a coma your awake and hear and feel everything but eyes r closed and carnt speak or move is that right?? My scaryest was when the doctors gave me a pen I didn't have a clue how to use that night I was sick ( don't even no we're it all came from the most sick I've ever seen) next morning my husband brought me a tea I feel sleep with it that's when he new there was something wrong he rang an ambulance I don't remember being in it or going into the hospital I remember shouting for some water but wasn't allowed any and I was dreaming horrible things but I thought they was real then I was in intensive care for five days I had Severn buses hold me down while they put a artery line in it turned out to be gastroinsaritus my magnesium was very low and others aswell I carnt remember what though but I've never been in hospital since it scared the hell out of me sometimes I wish I never had diabetes but if I think like that it's wining and I'm not going to let it beat me :)

Melton Mowbray, GBR
I ment nurses not buses lol