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I'm scared as on the 3rd of April I go into hospital to have four teeth took out, any one else been put to sleep for this I'm type 1 and I think I'm going to bleed to death or wake up half way threw, do they put a tube down your throught

29 Answers
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
I haven't had teeth out but have had sedation for teeth cleaning and fillings and colonoscopy/endoscopy. You'll be fine. Just make sure they know you're diabetic and they will watch your sugars. Don't take aspirin or any other medicines which thin your blood as these will stop the clots forming

Melton Mowbray, GBR
Thank you . They no I'm diabetic as I have to stay in the night before so I don't eat or drink. Are you completely out?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
I was under twilight sedation (I don't remember a thing!) lol

Cambridge, GBR
I had 13 teeth out last month and got put to sleep you'll be fine just make sure your bloods are alright and when you come back round check them as mine dropped but I think that was just a bit a pain which is expected but my mouth only bled for like half hour cause of how many I had out you should be fine and even though they normally say us diabetic take awhile to heal my gums are fine already just shrinking still

Cambridge, GBR
And yes they put a tube down you throat but you won't know a thing they get you comfy then it's good night and next thing you know everything has been done and tube is out you wouldn't even know you had done down there dw it's normal to be worried I was so bad but trust me it was alright x

Narre Warren, AUS
Don't be scared , one your asleep you won't feel anything, I needed all. 18 of my teeth to be taken out and I too was put asleep, so you will be asleep, they turn off the gas just when they are finished and they will take you to recovery and you will wake up to where u had teeth but now no more, hope that helps. Xo

Laurinburg, NC
Don't worry U will be put to sleep and dr know how much med to give u to keep u sleep through the procedure.u will wake up not feeling the best but u will b ok God blessing

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Hi****!!! I am t2 and I have two of my teeth pull out last week and yes you bleed a lot but nothing serious or nothing can your DR controls don't worry you will be ok :)

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2004.
Clovis, NM
I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed when I was 21. I had lots of bleeding swelling. I got an infection and it made me really sick so I was admitted into ICU. I'm also type 1.

Greenville, KY
I had 5 teeth pulled and they didn't put me to sleep / just used Novocain / I did fine😊