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Rice is supposed to be high in #carbs but every time I have it. I end up with a low blood sugar level. This happen to anyone else? #diabetes

6 Answers
Honolulu, HI
Most likely taking too much insulin for how much rice ur eating

Arlington, TX
It's happen to me. talk to you Doc. She helped me after doing bloodwork it was a Harmone a Thing for me. Be Well :)

Ingleburn, AUS
What type of rice are you eating. Different rices have different GI ratings so will effect you differently. Brown Rice and Long grain rices such as basmati are best for slow energy release and keep you more stable, where short grain rices such as jasmine will spike your sugar levels up. What are you having with the rice and that can change it as well. Also how long after eating are you having the lows? So many factors lol

Phoenix, AZ
The above comment is spot on about the different releases. Learn about GI ratings and how they can affect your sugars. You may need to space your insulin intake out when eating rice.

Columbia, SC
Rice always gives me highs unless I dose right.

Middletown, PA
I'm on an insulin pump & had to learn to count carbs. Rice is a slow acting carb, so if you give insulin for the rice when you eat it, your body may not be processing the carbohydrates for several hours later. Try eating a lean protein when you have a slow acting carb, like rice, potatoes or breads. The higher the fiber, the better your body will process the carbs.