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Can anyone recommend an app for logging and tracking blood glucose readings? Thanks! #doc #type1diabetes

25 Answers
Palmdale, CA
Diabetes in check there are a ton of them do a search and pick your fav

Bondi Junction, AUS

Westerville, OH
I have been using Glucose Buddy

Grover Beach, CA
One touch verio, bluetooth connection to meter. You have a full logbook and you can enter numbers from another meter or have mult verios! Been waiting a long time for this kind of program.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
My surgr

Dario glucose meter and fantastic app - meter is small and plugs into phone - strips lancets available free until NHS prescriptions kick in Sept check out at

Columbus, OH
If you have an iPAD there are lots of Free Apps... However after a month of logs they want you to Upgrade...

Black Canyon City, AZ
I use my sugr as well. It involves manual entry, but the report doesn't lose any of the data you enter. It uses footnotes to include the text info and tags. I have tried a lot of apps.

Black Canyon City, AZ
The reports seem to be the weak point.

Dover, PA
I use My Diabetes. it was free