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I've been reading info online, but does anyone have any personal experience/tips/suggestions on airport security/flying with a pump? This summer will be my first time flying- not sure what to expect..

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Living with type 1 diabetes since 1972. Pumper and CGM user.
Concord, MA
Tell security that you're wearing one. They'll let you keep it connected. After you go through the body scanner they'll ask u to hold it then they'll swab ur hands for traces of explosives!

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1972. Pumper and CGM user.
Concord, MA
It sounds scary but only takes a few minutes. Sometimes they'll pat u down. A woman has to do this for u, and she'll explain what she's about to do as she goes. As long as u expect this u'll be fine

Bigger airports seem to be more difficult. I disconnect and give my pump to the TSS while I go through body scanner. They swab my pump for explosive residue and give it back to me.

This way, I avoid the pat down which is really terrible.


Amy, how did TSA and your flight go?

hasn't happened yet. flying for the first time in the summer months.

San Leandro, CA
I always opt out of the body scanner and get a "female assist" instead. It's not necessary, but just in case the machine magically messes with my pump... It really shouldn't though.

I'm nervous about my pump getting scanned also. When I disconnect and hand pump to TSA they don't scan it. They just swab it and check for bomb residue. Can't stand the pat down and wife can't

Stand watching me get patted down. Just because it is such a violation.