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I have a question.... I really struggle with high blood sugars in the morning. I eat a very low carb diet and I never eat after 7:00. How do I get better sugar levels in the morning?

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Ardmore, PA
Your liver ptoduces glucose overnight. If you take basal insulin, the dose may be off. If you dont take insulin, you may need a medication to control the liver's glucose output.

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Montclair, NJ
**** are you on shots or are you pumping? If you are pumping you can compensate for the early morning glucose spike by increasing your basal rate at or before dawn. If you are on multiple shots you may need to adjust the timing of your long acting insulin. It might help to have a bedtime snack (covered of course) Do you have a diabetes educator who can help you? They are often better at helping you with the pesky micromanagement of diabetes and have more time to look at the data.

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This sounds like the Dawn Phenomenon. Since you're on a pump with a cgm you should be able to target when to increase your basal. Email your Endo team and they can probably help you if you need it.

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I'm using an insulin pump. I've started to take 5 units before bed. It's helped quite a bit. That's a great idea to talk to an educator about this. I really appreciate all your help guys :)

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****-****who responded to you above is actually a fantastic educator 😃

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You can message him privately by tapping on his profile

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also this; try not to eat dinner too late, and don't snack after dinner. that way, you'll have enough hours left in the day to catch and treat whatever highs you might get after the meal.

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Get the book "diabetes solution" by richard bernstein. Most libraries have it.