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Question. T1d parents or kids. What do I do when I have a 17 year old who just got diagnosed and left her pump somewhere. 2nd. My 11year old t1d daughter is having problems at school with kids saying stuff when she tests or pulls her pump out. They have all known about it since she was 8 and now

5 Answers
Grosse Pointe, MI
For your 17 year old put her on shots until you find the pump or call to see if you can get a new one if it was lost. For the eleven year old contact the teachers at her school and have them spend a class teaching their students that your child is just as normal as anyone else and make sure she educates them on the right facts of diabetes

Oklahoma City, OK

Norwalk, IA
For 11 year old, see if they will allow her to demonstrate and do a question and answer session. They may have known but, they may not understand.

Crestview, FL
I'm a T1D 15 yr. old. If I were your eleven yr. old, I would want to tell them myself. I think I would get too embarrassed if my teachers told them. Tell her to explain when she got diagnosed, what ha

Crestview, FL
ppened, how she felt, etc. I hope I helped!