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Am about to get a pump. How uncomfortable r they to wear etc? Any major issues I should be aware of?

7 Answers
Horton Heath, GBR
It's amazing my diabetes has been the best it's been in 13 years you don't even notice it xxx

Brisbane, AUS
Thanks for the info

Cincinnati, OH
I've had one for 14 years and love it. Everyone is supportive, and you get some funny questions a lot, like if you're wearing a pager. Hardest part for me was finding an Infusion set that was right for me and getting used to sleeping with it.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2005.
Uniontown, PA
I've had mine for two years and still at times struggle with where I wear it. But it's so much better than taking four to five shots a day and much better control.

London, GBR
It's all true BUT I had a pump and I got complacent with it and unless you really stick at it they will take it back!! Not trying to scare you more of a forewarning

London, GBR
So that people don't end up in the situation I did

Auburn Hills, MI
I love mine, I have had it for 13 years.