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One more pump question. What do you do with your pump while sleeping? I've yanked mine out a few times :(

7 Answers
Reading, PA
a piece of tape on the tubing stuck a hair to itself then stuck to my skin. that way if a snag the tape gets the brunt not the site. I let my pump float free in bed.

Moultrie, GA
What? I'm not sure that I see how that will keep me from snatching this thing out when I'm tossing and turning

Yuba City, CA
Make sure you are using the long tubing if you don't want to have the pump attached to you in the night. This gives you more room to move and less possibility of it pulling out. Another option is to put the pump inside a baby or child's sock and attach it with a safety pin to whatever you sleep in.

I wear sleep pants that have pockets in them, and leave the pump in there. You may have to switch the pump to the other pocket when you turn over, but soon it will become instinct.

Moultrie, GA
I prob do need longer tubing

Brooklyn, NY
My wife keeps hers clipped to her underwear under her pj pants

Lino Lakes, MN
I put mine in a pocket either on the shirt pants or shorts.