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does anyone use the pump? I'm 15 and been diagnosed with type 1 for 2 years! And thinking about pump as struggling with sugars help?

10 Answers
San Antonio, TX
My daughter is currently on the omnipod. It is great because it does your calculations for you. There are a lot of adjustments that will need to be made during the beginning but overall she likes it

Greenwood, IN
I just started the Omnipod pump February 10th. It was amazing the first few weeks but just as with syringes, you have to tell it how many carbs you're eating and be dedicated to watching everything tou

Greenwood, IN
You eat. It is not a miracle life changer or anything. At least it was not for me. It is nice not having to take shots six times a day tho

Newark, TX
I do and I love it I've been type one fore 18 years

Pembroke, MA
Yes and I love it

Henderson, NV
Best thing I ever did after having this disease for 53 years! I wear an Animas One Touch Ping for 14 years now. It changed my life!

Jacksonville, NC
Do it!! The sooner the better!! I have had diabetes for 12 years and I'm not fighting to get the pump.

San Angelo, TX
Yep get on the pump. I was diagnosed type one in #### and my a1c's have always been above 10.0 been on omnipod for a month now and highest reading has been 241 . Can't wait to see my new a1c

Columbia, SC
Getting a pump was the best thing I ever did. I have been a T1 for 59 years.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2010.
United Kingdom, GBR
Hey I'm on the pump, in on the Medtronic minuted, it's brilliant calculates my insluin for me I really recommend you to try the pump out from own experience x