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I don't know where my other post went. But it's getting close to reordering supplies for my pump. I currently don't have insurance. Anyone know where I can get supplies?

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Littleton Common, MA
What type of pump?

Littleton Common, MA
I know there are a few companies that help out with diabetes stuff in general.


Littleton Common, MA
Sorry I don't have any Minimed stuff. Get the name of the local Minimed rep and call then to see if they can help. Also try ur endos office if u have one. Best of luck.


Ontario, CA
I have some minimed 725 pump supplies that I do not need any longer. Reservoirs and silhouette infusion sets. Paradigm holds 300 units of insulin.

I have the 530 and use the quick set but thank you

Brandon, FL
Def call ur endo first. Call minimed and see if they c an help u. I've also gone to Craigslist for help when low on supplies

with type 1 diabetes since 2009.
Parma, OH
There is a group on Facebook that might be able to help you. You can ask for things there, and possibly trade stuff. It is a Pay It Forward group. It is called T1D's - PIF

Thank you!