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This one is a little personal. Ladies when it's that time of month do you notice that you're blood sugar is higher than usual?

16 Answers
Bondi Junction, AUS
Ovulation day and 5 days before the period I get very insulyn resistant!

Milford, CT
It is funny that you ask this. I am newly diagnosed and was wondering the same thing. My sugars are almost never over 200 and yesterday I had two numbers over 200 and have my period.

Dublin, IRL
Yeah my bloods go crazy!

Sackville, AUS
My go crazy but lucky for me I'm on the pump so it helps a bit...

Hendersonville, TN
It's the week before I start my blood sugar is high and vision gets lil blurry. Drives me crazy. 😤

Winter Park, FL
The pump helped but I would use about 10% more insulin

Plainfield, IN
Oh yes! Just work with it and correct it. (The bsl w/extra insulin or call your doctor).

Pittsburgh, PA
Yes. I usually spend the week before running high and then the week of running low

Bondi Junction, AUS
Me too

Cork, IRL
Running low