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When people are talking about a pump what do they mean? I use pens.. Xx

5 Answers
Newtownabbey, GBR
It's a insulin pump that you set to give you your insulin automatically requires a lot of blood sugar monitoring tho

Melton Mowbray, GBR
It's a device that you attach to your self every 2 3 days via like a cannula in UR side and set it to do the insulin I think it can be ran all day I'm not sure on that bit I'm on pens also

Bowden, AUS
Hello********is half correct there. I'm type 1 and on an insulin pump. The device is attached to you 24/7 with this pump you enter in your bsl plus the total amount of carbs your eating. These pumps are better than the pens. I use to be on pens but since being on the pump I don't have to eat a meal at set times of the day, you don't have to eat every meal, but do need to keep an eye on ur bsl. Things you can't do is take these pumps into baths shower or pool. The pump can be 'suspended' means totally stopped, no insulin going through. 'Turned down' exercise is usually when pump is turned down, you don't get as much insulin when exercise. The pump has a basal rate, 'lantus' works the same way but it's humalog through the pump.

Layton, UT
I just got the one touch ping yesterday after using pens for forever and it is sooooo nice!!! I love that I don't have to stick myself with a needle and that I don't have to pull out my pen all the time or worry if it isn't in my purse!! I highly recommend it:)

Okeechobee, FL
Check out Non-branded and educational. I recommend you do a free trial to check if pumping is right for you. The only one who gives you a free month with education is the snap insulin pump.