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I've had enough of people putting me down or saying I'm lying bout how badly controlled it is and how I'm lying bout my hospital won't give me a pump I'm depressed as it is how do you all get over being put down and depressed? I've been so close of ending everything cause of everything

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The Oaks, AUS
This is terrible I'm so very sorry to hear this. Have you thought about speaking to someone... I'm 21 this yeah having diabetes for 14 years and I'm at the stage were I'm over it, don't tell me what to do because I know best... Until I got my bloods back with a few high readings that shocked me. My endo has recommended me to talk to somebody about how I feel before we even mention Bsl and all the rest. Maybe speaking to someone will also help you. Good luck !

Woodbury, NJ
trust me i was so bad when my blood was 500 or higher i was so used to it it started feeling normal. took til around mid 800s to go to the hospital finally. i would take around 26 units of humalog per shot. im 21 and this is my 12th year. and yeh ive been super depressed and the only thing that kept me alive was the fear of actually doing something to end my life. i was in the ER about 9 times in the passed two years with 6 happening last year alone. been through 3 neuropathy meds in the passed 3 years. until exercising and weight training my legs then i came off them. im here if you need to talk about anything

East Gosford, AUS
I know how you feel!! I just spent 3days in ICU with ketoacidosis have been poorly controlled since dx at age 12, im 35 now.. Im over it, have been over it for years suffer severe depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, cataracts, cholesterol you name it, ive got it... Ending it all seems to be the only solution, at the moment i have foot drop and cant use my left foot.. Havent seen my endo in years! Sick of hearing 'u just have to do it' my response is always 'if its so easy u do it' here if u need to vent :)

Cambridge, GBR
Thank you means a lot to know I'm not the only one I'm now the only one in my family with t1 and I feel alone

Baton Rouge, LA
I hear what you're saying totally just keep trying and don't give up.

Clarksville, TN
Exactly**** know that we may not be close to you, but are still here with you. I've been T1 since ####, and have run the gambit of what can go wrong more than likely has as some point. I got to the point of throwing it all in and stopped trying at all. While in college I met a fantastic lady that brought me above the water level and has gotten me to get scheduling and keeping appointments to get myself on the right road. I've also been blessed with two best friends of the four legged variety, when I get feeling overly depressed or sugars go out of whack, one or the other is there at my side. I'm currently looking into getting one to a point of being a certified service dog for my diabetes and depression along with what the doctors at the VA are looking to be an onset of PTSD from dessert storm.

Phoenix, AZ
I think the best thing that helped me was joining a cause like jdrf and camp soaring eagle. Meeting these kids that have t1d and nurses who teach kids from age 3 diagnoses. Makes u see that your not alone and there are plenty of people out there of all ages that struggle with diet, sugars, complications, different insulins and different pumps. It's def hard but it could be worse. My bf is 24 diagnosed w stage 3 sarcoma cancer and is going through chemo. We all have our challenges big or small but overcoming them is what makes life worth it. If it were easy it wouldn't be worth it. Like I said, the best thing u can do is join a cause or t1d network. There are more people out there than you know. Being around others that have the same challenges help you learn and figure out what will work for you.

Los Angeles, CA
You and I have very similar stories. I was at a point where I didn't care to check my sugars. I would check once maybe...every 3 days and just give myself as much insulin as I felt appropriate. I'm also the only type 1 diabetic, well diabetic at all in my family. When I wasn't in control my a1c came back at a 12. I just didn't care anymore. I was sick of everyone telling me what's the big deal to just check your sugar and put in insulin. My endo also took away my pump and made me go on the pens. She wanted to make sure I knew how to take care of myself before giving me another pump. And also recommended me to go see a psychologist that specializes in seeing diabetics. Have to say, that definitely helped the most. I know how you feel and how t can take a toll on you. You can go ahead and talk to me if you don't know who to talk to about your diabetes.

Minneapolis, MN
been there, done that and my way back down. I understand

Meriden, CT
Hi**** don't give up I know it's hard I got diabetes when I was 8 years old. Everything is much much better then before. I use insulin and I remember the needles were huge and scary. Know there's short needles. :-)