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I use the pens but find the case too small for me to use so have resorted to carrying everything in a largish pencil case - what do you guys use?

2 Answers
Providence, RI
When my daughter was using pens, we actually bought a special diabetes carry bag. It's so cute, insulated, and even has a whole pocket just for the emergency glucagon. You probably don't need one that large, especially if you're looking to put it in your purse. If you google diabetes bags there are tons of sites with cute and practical options. The cool thing is a lot of these sites were started by parents of T1Ds or T1Ds themselves. So they know what you actually need! Another option, if there are any diabetes symposiums in your area you can usual get sample bags from the vendors, and that might give you an idea of what you'll like/use in a bag! Good luck. :)

Leesburg, VA
Get a pen carrying case at walgreens I work there in ashburn va I have it to and I have a a pen case it's only 10 bucks been for 9 years ask me anything.