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What's everyone's opinion on using artificial sweeteners to help control sugar?

11 Answers
Kilmarnock, GBR
I use them for a LOT of things, my girlfriend even uses them for baking. :)

Fort Myers, FL
I use splenda and stevia but they say its all bad for us. I love the stevia its not to sweet.

Mt Pleasant, SC
I use them for coffee and use a lot. Is this good/bad? I've read pro and con

Fannie Bay, AUS
I use stevia in my tea and coffee. That one is okay, as it's natural. Some others can supposedly cause health defects. But I like the taste of stevia.

Paradise, NV
A year ago I gave up all artificial sweeteners and I started feeling better within 2 weeks! I know it affects us all differently, but it was like poison to my body.

Tucson, AZ
I prefer Splenda, it tastes & measures like natural sugar. My husband likes it too.

Fulton, MI
I don't use it but I heard it was bad for you

Littleton, CO
Stevia is not natural... It contains erythritol - which is just another chemical as in all other artificial sweeteners. It's best to stay away from as much refined sugar as possible.

Fort Myers, FL
thank you I will go back to splenda or honey

Littleton, CO
Splenda is no better... Stick with honey or agave nectar in small amounts.