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Do the omnipod sites stay in well?

8 Answers
Jupiter, FL
We have some issues...but we just put surgical tape on and the issue becomes non existence ;)

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2011.Living with type 1 diabetes since 1997.
Fayetteville, NY
Don't bother with the omnipod! I had so many problems with it. My doctor won't even prescribe it. It's a piece of junk. It over delivered so many times I had terrible lows. One morning I did not wake up. My roommate called the ambulance and saved me. They tested the pod and determined it delivered 60 units without being told to. It's up to you do you want to risk your life or just make the correct decision and go with Minimed or animas.

Wooster, OH
My son and I have worn the OmniPod for over six years. We have had no problems with them staying on, and there are bands (www.bands4life) and things like Tagaderm available if you have concerns about it coming off. We have never had the "over-dosing" issue mentioned above . I recommend you try it out and see for yourself.

Okeechobee, FL
New ones stayed on better than old because they are smaller and lighter. I'm on snap now. It's awesome

West Islip, NY
Hi, just to let you know that I'm on the omnipod for about 6 yrs. I never had a problem. The company will really take care of you if you're having an issues. Also make sure you have good diabetes educator in your endocrinologist that looks out your pump.

Tacoma, WA
I have had mine for almost a year. It's the only one I'd consider since I don't want tubes. I like it, but you do always want to make sure you have a backup pod because about once a month it will have a pod error and ill need to replace it right away.

Tacoma, WA
Mine stays fine. The only time you may worry about it is if you are sweating and doing an an workout. Oh once I rock climbed and it was hot so I just wore a sports bra. My Dexcom was almost lost. I suppose the same could happen with a pod.

Tacoma, WA