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Is it normal to stop being able to tell if you are low? I used to get shaky and dizzy and now I don't get signs until I've hit like 40's.... Then it hits me like a truck ๐Ÿ˜ž

18 Answers
Lewes, GBR
If my reading are always good I notice more but if not it's hard to tell

Payson, AZ
See I only notice if my sugars are out of control in control I can't differentiate between lows

Lewes, GBR
If mine are high my legs hurt if low I'm dizzy. I was always told to drink loads it will help.

Loveland, CO
I was told it if that happens, you can try keeping yourself on the high side for a little while (a few days I think) and then you should start feeling it again. Not entirely sure where I hear it though. :/

Bondi Junction, AUS
It did change for me!I was used to pick up fast but now after 8 years as type 1 I have the full on symptoms when is already very low,I asked a nurse and she said thats usually what happens:-(

Mission, TX
That actually happens to me like I don't start like shaking till I'm in my 30

Plainfield, IN
Yeah, I've had t1 for 40 years & noticed I wasn't feeling like I have before - shaking, overwhelmed, sweaty, etc. My endo doctor said it is what happens. I test constantly, I sometimes can't tell the

Plainfield, IN
Difference from low to high.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
I've heard that too****

Westerville, OH
I had that, it is called insulin resistance. When it started happening my doc got me on a pump with a different insulin & I haven't had it happen since but I believe just changing to a new (cont...)