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Nice to meet you all. I've had diabetes for 5 years now. I joined to meet other people like me as well as going through the same experiences as me. I am learning new things about my diabetes everyday. When I first diagnosed I used levemier and novolog pen injections. I then tried the MiniMed paradigm pump which was great until it was stolen while I was on the beach in Miami Fl. Someone took my belongings which had my pump attached while I was in the water. Since then I went back to the pen injections until I received a dexcom G5 device which was amazing to me learning more information about how my body reacts to carbs and insulin. Because I learned so much I decided to give the pump another try so I ordered one and now have the minimed 630g. Yesterday I was trained on the pump and guardian link and so far so good. I don't think the guardian link is as accurate as the dexcom but maybe it will start to work better overtime. I was very impressed with dexcom. (This is all my experiences and opinions). I am very thankful technology has got this far to the point I can have a conversation about a CGM. I am very excited about the new minimed that will be releasing very soon and I am in Line to get one of those devices. I was told that there has not been one reported severe low. That was from the mouth of a medtronics trainer. The device is not released officially but they have done a lot of testing and have people currently using the device. If you are interested you should look up the new pump which is a closed loop system. I had a scare last year which caused me to be so afraid of getting a low. I woke up in my living room and the paramedics were giving me attention and revived me (or maybe I revived myself) nevertheless very scary. That's my scoop hope to have some great convos with you all and look forward to sharing some of stories and supplies I have available. By the way I work in IT that's the deal with the computers and supplies in the background

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Cape Girardeau, MO
Always wanted to try a pump and found your post interesting and informative. Unfortunately Medicare will not pay for a pump so I currently use Levemir and humalog. Looking forward to learning more

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012.
Sikeston, MO
Okay so here is the full scoop. I actually got my first pump for free. Someone during the processing medtronics messed things up and instead of charging me they sent it out free of charge with all the supplies. So that story I told about my pump getting stolen was just first time. After it was stolen medtronics had s pump shipped out and and at my home the next day. I was Impressed with that. But I did not learn my lesson; I went back to south beach Miami and the same exact thing happened. They stole my belongings while I was in the water ... terrible terrible day because I ended up in the hospital because I had no insulin to bring my sugar down. I recovered from that all fine and got through it like a champ but learned a valuable lesson about leaving belongings unattended. I learned the hard way unfortunately. The pump I have now I receive for free as well because I met my out of pocket maximum with the insurance that I have. The insurance I have is through the market place and I only pay $45 a month. My out of pocket maximum was only 600 being a type 1 you know it took me no time to reach that. Once I got to that point I changed all my prescriptions to home delivery which mailed me out a 3 month supply of everything. Again since I met the out of pocket maximum no charge on me. I only qualified for that low amount of insurance because I did not have a job until recently. Now that I have a job my premium goes back up but I too advantage of that situation. Thankfully I had family members who could help out with some of my costs on things until I could reach that out of pocket maximum.

Cape Girardeau, MO
Sounds like things are working out good and that was an unfortunate lesson to have to learn but we all have to sometimes learn the hard way. My diabetes is the result of a kidney transplant due to the life saving killer meds. I'll just have to deal and enjoy every day. My granddaughters consider injection and testing times a fun break in their day when they are here and we generally use it as a learning time.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012.
Sikeston, MO
That is super awesome !! I'm very happy to see that you are able to keep it moving at the transplant. You are a very strong individual !!! I enjoy talking about my diabetes to people. I feel people are timid or cautious about there approach when they inquire or have something to say regarding my diabetes. But I'm open about it and always ready to speak about my experiences and current state. Because of my diabetes I know how to carb count and now make very healthy choices for my meals. I eat a lot of raw fruit and veggies. Don't get me misunderstood I still go to fast food restaurants and consume sodas from time to time but I am definitely making efforts to eliminate that out of my diet as much as I can. Just doesn't do well with me. Also portion control. I have been trying to have more self control and not pig out on my meals and intake a less amount of carbs in one sitting; overall lowering the amount of insulin I intake per day. For the past two years I have been living in Los Angeles and now that I am back in southeast MISSOURI I have to establish a primary car and endocrinologist. I found one in sikeston so I think I will go there and try them out. I figured though if I want to find a good endo I have to travel to cape or saint louis, mo. I want an endo who has the machine to check my a1c in less than several minutes and has many nurses on staff who help assist and that are nice and welcoming. This is a little over the top but I like endos who have dietitians and nutritionist that affiliate with the doc. While I was in Los Angeles I saw a doctor at UCLA and received superb care

Cape Girardeau, MO
My ending is in St Louis and was recommended by my transplant team. Fortunately both are in the Same building and I see them both in a single trip every four months. My A1c is done in his office within a minute or 2. Be glad to recommend if u are interested

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1992.
Sanford, FL
Great intro, welcome!

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1994.
Lancaster, NY
I look forward to getting involved in these convos too as I seem to struggle w my numbers no matter what I do or attempt to do :(

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1997.
Mobile, AL
Glad to hear about yourself and have you on the network!

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2003.
Nouakchott, MRT
Good luck and successful experiences

Living with type 2 diabetes.
Lapeer, MI
Don't drink pop unless it's diet! They have diet juices also. Alcohol can be tricky, it can give you high and or low readings, be careful!