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Nice to meet everyone. My name is****and I’m a Christian woman living a joyful like on Dialysis. I was diagnosed in #### with “slight kidney failure”. In #### is when my kidneys completely failed and I started in-center Dialysis August ####. I actually didn’t mind in-center Dialysis, except the exhaustion. After 4 years of trying to get me to do home hemo, Sept #### is when I came on home to do my treatments. It’s so amazing! My mom is my caregiver and we have an awesome time here and we are a great team! The Lord had blessed us tremendously to be able to do this at home and together.

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Hemodialysis @ home .
Marblehead, MA

Hemodialysis @ home since 2017.
Halifax, NC
Thank you****

Chicago, IL
Good to hear

supporting a spouse with pre-diabetes since 2017.
Unknown Location
Amen, you can do all things with Him!

Pre Dialysis since 2016.
Pelham, NH
Home is where the heart is❤️