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My neighbor is old he has novolog insulin un opened boxes . He has 30 boxes he payed 20 each . So you buy all 30 he will do 500 . If you want 10 then 180 . Were hoping this doesn't offend and if this is wrong to do please say so i take this down . God bless FYI he will eat with this money .

3 Answers
Ellinwood, KS
Doesn't he need the insulin to live?!?

Warren, MI
Yes and has more then enough . He gets to because he has no income and he is 83 buy from novolog twice a year . He has more then enough and they are all with in 6 months of today's date so the have a year and a half left on date on box . He uses 3-4 a month . They sent him 50 so the 20 he has will last him till he gets more 😊

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Waterford Twp, MI
My thoughts are if he's 83 no income he's probably not paying for that insulin. so for you to try to sell it for $20 a bottle just doesn't seem right. Just doesn't make a lot of sense that if he needs the money to eat and has no income why he would've bought the bottles at $20 apiece when it is far too many. ?????