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Hi I'm a mum to Zoe who has type 2 anyone else have a 16 yr old with type 2 ? Also my husband has type 1

6 Answers
Ottawa, CAN
I'd get another opinion on the t2 diagnosis for a 16 year old. Can she see an endocrinologist ?

Prescott Valley, AZ
Maybe she has LADA? It can present as type 2 but it isn't, I'd get a second opinion 😘

Dallas, TX
I was diagnosed early at well and they never did the test to see for sure if I was T1 or T2 they just assumed I was T2. Since she is so young and Endo is a great idea! I am sad I waited so long to go

Lawrenceville, GA
Did a pediatric endocrinologist diagnose her? Did they do a c-peptide test?

Lawrenceville, GA
Just a little strange for her to be diagnosed t2 at 16

Living with LADA since 2010.
Bognor Regis, GBR
Ask for a test for MODY..... I had the same diagnosis and turns out it wasn't type 2, it was mody instead