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Mum to four year old Type 1 daughter, live near Bath, UK. When she was diagnosed at 2 it shook our world upside down and I gave up my career to be with her. Immensely worried about her starting school, any advice?

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Austin, TX
Is your daughter on the pump****? Get with the principle they will have to do a 504 plan , that's to have guidelines in place to take care of daughter in case she runs into problems with highs/lows . Does her school have a reg. nurse ? I was so scared for my daughter , when first DX , I literally sat in the hallway outside her room for the first week everyday all****, until the principle made me go home . She was fine , she learned to recognize her low feelings real quick , and the kids in her 3rd grade class were wonderful . Teacher let her always have a buddy go with her to the nurse . Hope this helps some ,mother of daughter 13 dx@ 10

Trowbridge, GBR
**** thankyou, it does...still think I'll be camping out at school for a bit ! X

Wotton-under-Edge, GBR
Make sure they have a thorough care plan and a system in place to make sure someone is always available to stay with your daughter when things aren't right. Also insist they let you know of any extra activities before they happen (eg my daughter often walks to the church for services or does extra PE and then I turn her pump down) my daughter was a bit older when she was diagnosed (7) but we quickly developed a school regime (with less insulin and extra snacks). We're at the bottom end of Gloucestershire so not all that far away from you but my daughter is now almost 10.

Roselle, IL
make sure the teacher or nurse always has snacks readily available or pack some for your daughter, make sure the teacher knows about diabetes they have to be educated about it, your daughter is just a little girl I'm sure she can't explain it all too well just yet. tell them if she shows any unusual behavior to check her sugar immediately.

Sweetwater, TX
Set up a meeting with school... Get everyone on the same page

Rogers, AR
Ok I have had diabetes for 26 almost 27 years and I want all the parents to know that when your child is young parents freak out when t1 becomes a part of your life. I am here to tell you that everything is going to be ok. Teach the kids about it and how to treat it right from the beginning. It takes a little getting use to but kids are smarter then we think. I will say that I am not a parent of a kid with t1D but I was a kid with type 1 and really it wasn't that bad, except for all the worrying and babying my parents did. As a parent I worry about my boy so I know it's hard to not worry and we always will. I guess what I am trying to say is that teaching your child/children about all aspects of diabetes is going to be your best line of defense. I don't know any of you guys but because of this disease I love you all and have compassion for all of you guys.

Thank you**** As a parent of a T1D for 12 years.....that really lifted me.....thank you 😊

Rogers, AR
:~) your welcome Terri.

Trowbridge, GBR
Thankyou**** must admit I shed a few tears reading it; overwelming sometimes knowing what's right for our daughter and the fear for our younger daughter developing T1. I am terribly overprotective but she is only she wanted to do her finger prick herself! A huge milestone but also it feels wrong! Thankyou for your support, really glad we've found this app

Trowbridge, GBR
Thankyou all for advice x