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My mom 66. Has diabetes. It stays out of control. Even with meds. How can we help her

6 Answers
Plainview, NY
Nutrition is key. Has to be a proper balance, the right food and right med dose. Good luck!!

Pittsview, AL
And don't forget exercise. Work up to half hour a day or more five days a week. Nothing like it! May need to change doctors to get new perspective. Endochrinologist is best!!

Kolkata, IND
Stress is a major issue in uncontrolled diabetes, check with mom whether she worries too much..

Prescott Valley, AZ
Drinking plenty of water helps too especially for high bloods, good luck

Oklahoma City, OK
Water, increase activity, lose some weight (even 10lbs) will help, stick to carb count, and most of all check. It often when starting, this will give you a better idea of what some of her triggers are

Dallas, TX
Cut out processed foods, make sure to stay away from foods with a high glycemic index. Drink water water and more water and cut out stress and introduce exercise, even a walk around the block is good!