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T1 mom from concord looking for other concord T1 for support and playmate for my 6 yr old who has T1

8 Answers
Cibolo, TX
Hi**** have you tried your local JDRF? I met another T1 Mom through fb. There is a group called parents of children with T1. There's about #### ppl in it, so you might have a good chance there.

supporting a parent , Hemodialysis @ home since 2008.
Churchville, VA
Welcome**** Hopefully you can find someone here without having to go somewhere else :)

Tel Aviv, ISR
I just came across that link myself, i see they have events although i dont know how close it is to you

Tel Aviv, ISR
i am searching more for you

Martinez, CA
My son is 6, we live in Martinez which is close to concord, been T1 since 4 and he uses a insulin pump. He would love to become friends with someone his age who is T1. so far all he knows are older t1's

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2016.
Warner, NH
Hi**** wish I could help. I'm close to Concord but I'm 19 :/ also have a t1 friend in Concord but she's 20. But I'm sure there is someone close!!