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As I am a mom of two little boy wich one is t1d my problem is that his dad who I'm no longer with but have a custody agreement dose not seem to be on the same Paige! Any ideas! Y

2 Answers
Boston, MA
Yeah he needs to wake up and get in board for the care of his child, I am a type 1 since #### and am very grateful both my kids are healthy, he might b scared just keep an open conversation about the care and all

Bozeman, MT
Make it part of the custody agreement to have him attend classes with a diabetes educator, maybe? His doctors can help you by writing to the atty general, or whoever handles your custody agreements. It is vital for parents to be on board with diabetes management, especially when forming good habits- I was basically on my own with my care (Dx when I was 11) and I'm just now taking steps to properly control blood sugars.