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What are the****low-carb snack choices? I just found out I have Type 2 and LOVE grapes. Turns out, that could be the worst choice for a snack ever. I crave sweet. Ideas?

20 Answers
Great Neck, NY
Re fruits apples, cherries, berries, and pineapple have lower glycemic indexes than many other fruits. A few grapes are fine. Just try not to over do it. It's not easy I know. Berries with real whipped cream. SF jello. SF cheesecake. Just check carbs as SF doesn't mean carb free.

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2011.
Jacksonville, FL
How about sugar free ice cream

Kilmarnock, GBR
Got a dietitian appointment at last YAY. Quite excited

Mt Pleasant, SC
Yes sugar free klondikes

Wellington, NZL
Atkins bars are usually carb free or very low carb.

Kissimmee, FL
Read Suzy Cohen's book diabetes without drugs great info,...

Boynton Beach, FL
Grapes are ok in limit,as well as watermelon ,cherries etc all in moderation. But never deny urself is the rule.

Lehigh Acres, FL
grapes r gd in small portions it's a natural fruit

Jacksonville, FL
Yeah, I think I definitely had a "portion" issue; I probably gobbled down 2 cups or so and found out the definition of "spike". Wont do that again! Sort of soured me on grapes - ha!

West Palm Beach, FL
I eat Skinny Pop and it's pretty satisfying