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Is anyone on a low carb diet! I have just started the dr. Brenstein diet! I'm experiencing a lot of hypos and don't know wat to snack on after a hypo on this diet! I'm only 4 weeks diagnosed :(

7 Answers
Bellevue, WA
My daughter likes the Extend bars and Boost Glucose control drinks. But really juice and a low carb/protein mix should help (like peanut butter with crackers)

London, GBR
Are you injecting less as little carbs?

Saint-Lazare, CAN
I have been thinking of doing low carbs diet. I'm on pump and due to that I have to really count my carbs. And the result is taking less insulin.

Temecula, CA
You need to learn what your "Insulin to Carb Ratios" are. We know the less carbs eaten the less insulin needed, but how much less. I'm on a pump and have it programed with different ratios for different times of the day. Talk with your doctor to establish your ratios.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
You could try a few spoonfuls of honey too. But def agree with**** you need to find out your ratio and you're probably still in the honeymoon phase

Limerick, IRL
I spoke with a nurse and my insulin has been reduced right back and I can feel the diff no hypos yet thank god :)

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
Yay! I've had a hypo almost daily for about 3 weeks, frustrating and annoying cause I've been starting to reduce my awareness