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Hi everyone! I would love to connect with fellow T1D's! Happy to help anyone who needs some advice. I've had diabetes since I was 7, so 27 years!!! And am currently on the Dexcom (changed my life). :)

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Living with type 1 diabetes since 2003.
Dallas, TX
Hey Dana! Welcome to the T1D club. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help! :) ****

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2009.
Philadelphia, PA
Hi Dana! I'm****and from philly as well. I've been t1d for over 8 years now and I use Omnipod!

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Tulsa, OK
Hi Dana...I've had it 30. came down with it @ 24. I'm on a Medtronic pump...but went back to shot s. Dr Jody Stanislaw a T1D has really helped me that last few weeks. the ADA diet has not been good for me. I FINISHED a degree last year. Ha. it was rough. I won't lie.