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Does anyone no how to lose weight, when eating carbs? Please help type 2 have cut the sugar intake?!

7 Answers
Pittsburgh, PA
Losing weight is still just a matter of counting calories whether you eat carbs or not. Try just reducing your overall calorie intake

Woodstock, CAN
Exercise will help too.

High Wycombe, GBR
20 minutes working every day helped me shift the pounds x and just cut out fat and sugar and no pre packed food good luck

Mt Vernon, IN
Try high fiber carbs. Fiber is in the carb count but is not used by your body like other carbs. I have found tortillas that have 6 net carbs because of the high fiber in them.

Katunga, AUS
Stop eating carbs all together.The dietitians are getting paid to tell you to eat bread with each meal if they don't you won't come back and they don't get paid.

High Wycombe, GBR
I disagree with****carbs are not about bread please look up low GI carbs it will help you eat healthy x

Okeechobee, FL
Are you on medication/insulin for diabetes. If so, Byetta and Symlin are two injectable hormones to look into. You need a prescription.