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why is it, when I lose 5 stone and stick to the diet and tablets I start getting diabetic complications I've worked so hard and I am facing the prospect of going blind: (

6 Answers
Pueblo, CO
Im sorry to hear that!

Irving, TX
Because it's a progressive disease and complications can strike regardless of how well you control it, unfortunately. Making positive changes reduces the risks, but it doesn't eliminate the possibility of complications. I'm sorry you're facing this.

Kiryat Bialik, ISR
Hi, it's happened to me too. But don't give up. After the treatment in your eyes keep your sugar and Ha1c in a normal range. In this way you are not going to be blind. Good luck

Nottingham, GBR
thank you x

High Wycombe, GBR
Don't give up the damage had already been done but from know on it will slow every thing down keep going xx

Norman, OK
****I understand completely what you are going through I was blind for 9 months in both eyes after 2 surgeries in the same eye I can see some things just try and remember to test and take your meds diabetes took my complete eyesight in one of my eyes and limited eyesight in the other so sorry to hear keeping you in my prayers