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I live in the Youngstown/Warren area and I'm a type 1. I just found out I was a diabetic this summer. And it's been a life changer. I lost my insurance awhile back and hopefully I'll have insurance again soon. I can't affords strips though. So if anybody has extra that there willing to part with.

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Aliquippa, PA

Cape Girardeau, MO
What kind of strips do you use?

Aliquippa, PA
Have you tried looking at the walmart brand strips they are quote affordable I think the name of the brand is reli on

Newton Falls, OH
No I havnt but I'll check. And I'm not sure of the name. I have 2 meters though. Accucheck nano and a older Bayer and Bayer. But when I get home later I'll check to see what kind of strips.

Vernon Hills, IL
What I did was get me a prodigy meter and get the strips online

Brandon, FL
Wal mart carries reli on. Very affordable

Frisco, TX
I use Reli on and it's been a very big help.. I used to use the strips that came with my OmniPod and they were charging me 70+ dollars per vial. Reli on is only $9 per vial.