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Does anyone know if there is a link between #celiac and #diabetes? #HealthTalk

5 Answers
with type 1 diabetes since 2013.
Swedesboro, NJ
Yes. Generally speaking if you have one autoimmune disease then others can crop up like Celiac or thyroid issues.

Peoria, AZ
I have Type 2 and was also diagnosed with Celiac 2 years ago. It is much more common for type 1's to have it, but there is definitely a correlation between them. Makes eating even more of an adventur

Milford, CT
I have been diagnosed with both type 1 and celiac. My endo said that type 1 and celiac share many of the same genes so they typically test for celiac if your diagnosed with type 1.

Maryborough, AUS
There both autoimmune

Littleton, CO
The same gene that causes T1D also causes Celiac. My boyfriend has T1D and his son has Celiac.