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So I leave for my trip to Europe in 10 days! Does anyone have any tips for packing diabetic supplies? #doc #dsma #type1

3 Answers
Hardwicke, GBR
Put it in your hand luggage any my mother in law carried a letter from her dr to confirm that she was a diabetic - that's all she did last time she went away but I don't know how would be best to carry it :S

Dubuque, IA
Keep clear containers of juice with you if you get low. If they can't see through your containers, you get patted down or x-rayed.

Saint Clair Shores, MI
Pack supplies in packaging in ziplock bag. Carry in hand luggage. A letter from GP & emergency prescription are useful. At airport take ziplock from luggage and send through on top. If a pump user, hold in hand as go thru scanners. You will be scanned but this is routine. I travel frequently and never had any issues, even off beaten track