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Just got results back from labs - a1c was 8. My doc increased my long acting insulin but has done nothing about my short acting insulin. I almost wonder if I should ask if short needs increased.

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Cocoa Beach, FL
I would take a few days of your new dosage and see how that works and if you do adjust it do it slowly and only 1-2 units at a time :) hope this helps

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Alexandra Hills, AUS
What you want to avoid is spiking which your short acting will do where your long acting will bring down your levels but it will be smoother

Plainfield, IN
I have the same issue. My activity is very low - my fault - and I know for sure that if I increase my activity it will give me a better a1c. I watch my food intake pretty well, but the exercise is what

Plainfield, IN
I'm working on. :)

Santa Monica, CA
yes you have to work on your exercise because that help a lot