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I've been a juvenile diabetic for 10 years and have recently been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. Does anyone have any meal ideas for school and on the go? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

5 Answers
Wheeling, WV
I eat a lot of natural peanut butter it's gluten free and tastes great. My favorite is jiff natural

Lawrence, MA
Thank you for your help!

Wheeling, WV
Your welcome my favorite way to eat it is right out of the jar with a spoon

Wellington, NZL
I'm gluten free too and mostly eat salad for lunches- you can often get corn tortillas to make wraps if you're after something more sandwich-like. Protein cookies and bars are gluten free 90% of the time, nuts are gf, rice crackers are usually gluten free too. Hope that helps.

Laurinburg, NC
Google gluten sensitivity for free recipes good luck