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Has anyone had issues with their tendons? I've had diabetic for 38 years and have horrible pains and frozen shoulder. If so, what has helped?

Oconomowoc, WI
22 Answers
Manteca, CA
I have that problem with a very high blood sugar and I lower my bg and it always helps!

Oconomowoc, WI
Thanks**** The frustrating part is that my bg is under good control and the Dr just says give it time.

Plainfield, IN
When I have aches & pains I use, bio freeze. A lot of chiropractors use it.

Oconomowoc, WI
Thanks**** I'll have to give that a try.

Cork, IRL
Same here suffering with frozen shoulder last 5 months

Plainfield, IN
Lol! Also try Blue Emu lotion. Works great for my aches & pains.

Irvine, CA
I've been type 1 31 years, sounds like diabetic neuropathy

Tirat Karmel, ISR
It's problem the frozen for Diabetics especially if continues for a long time. The physiotherapy may be help or if you diabetes in good control - injection of steroids in shoulder joint

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1991.
Manhattan, NY
I have had diabetes T1 for more than 20 years and also seem to have tight, achy tendons and muscles. I haven't really found anything to solve it just pain mess to help it. staying hydrated also helps, drink a lot of water.

I remember a thread on about frozen shoulder that you may want to check out. I've not personally experienced it but remembered reading that it was something I want to avoid.