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I've been using an insulin pump for about nine years. Has anyone gone off for a while? What was it like? What did you switch to using?

6 Answers
Tempe, AZ
I went one and off for a little while and I just switched over to the pens and for me it was very easy and helped me learn to re-manage my diabetes again.

Mohrsville, PA
I'd like to try it out. My main problem would be issues with the insurance company and my Dr, having everything covered.

Saint Clair Shores, MI
I went off my pump for about 5 year, due to insurance loss. My diabetes was completely out if control. I would recommend staying on the pump.

Burns, TN
I've been off for 4 years! I'm on lantus and novalog with much better control. I was on pump for about 20 years.

Grosse Pointe, MI
I love my pump but sometimes I get tired of using it so I just go on shots for a few days or even weeks and then I'll just get back on the pump it's a quick and easy break that really helps

Mohrsville, PA
Does your insurance cover shots?