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Looking for any info on how to get a cgm. I have Medicare and Medi-Cal. I just don't know if it's covered.

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It is a case by case but mostly NO. However the rep from dexcom just informed me that they are supposed to have a guideline and protocol for approving this summer

Seattle, WA
Unfortunately if you have Medicare you will have to likely exhaust all of your appeals and go before an administrative law judge to get approval, given the judge rules in your favor. Medicare doesn't cover "precautionary devices" or devices "not intended to be used in treatment [insulin dosing]"

Seattle, WA
I am 26 and I have Medicare due to non diabetes related medical problems.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2000.
Napa, CA
Medicare funding is different for every state. In California we do not have it as a device that is covered. I lived on Medi-cal for years. Do whatever it takes to get on the exchange. I have is covered through my policy with Kaiser. I have to pay a portion but it is worth it. For now see if your provider has one for studies. Sometimes they have versions just for clinics. Then you can at least see what your sugars are like at night.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2002.
New Boston, TX
I have updated my CGM and I have a supply of my old one that is no good to me anymore. Would you be interested?

What county are u in. There is a insurance that is available with medical called partnership health plan of cal look it up. If u are in a county that it is in your odds are much better.

Medicare plans will not cover cgm. Appeal as far as you want but wont cover them. Altho they are being approache by numerous groups to change this. At approx $400 a month for sensors( IF you change them correctly) most of us wint have them